WearDetermines the wear and tear of the parts of the car to compete in the GP.

Enter the level of the pieces, the relative wear, Gp to play and press Check. 
The tool below is used to determine the approximate wear that you will have in a given GP starting from the wear and tear that you currently have. Data were collected on 100 GP starts with risk variables. To consider the risks set race may influence on the actual parts for wear. For example, with risks to 80 you will have a much higher wear than the risks set to 20. The values ​​shown are the result of a different color. Green Everything ok, they should not break (except accidental failures), Yellow are in a warning area should stand or at the break in the final. Rossi are those pieces that have a high probability of breaking
GP (Gara):  
Car part (Pezzo)Level (Livello)% Wear (Usura)Result (Esito)
Chassis (Telaio)0 %
Engine (Motore)0 %
Front wing (Alettone anteriore)0 %
Rear wing (Alettone posteriore)0 %
Underbody (Fondo piatto)0 %
Sidepods (Fiancate)0 %
Cooling (Raffreddamento)0 %
Gearbox (Cambio)0 %
Brakes (Freni)0 %
Suspension (Sospensioni)0 %
Electronics (Elettronica)0 %

Click on CHECK to the calculation of wear.


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