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Website about GPRO F1 management game

The site was created with the intent to give new players some tips, info and strategies, in order to be competitive in Formula 1 online manager game GPRO (Grand Prix Racing Online). The website is primarily meant for Rookie or Amateur players. We will omit information about the different brands of tire and technical directors, which mainly concern players in PRO category and above. We will try, instead, to give basic advice to promote from rookie to amateur more easily and create the foundation for good Amateur seasons, in which you can gradually gain experience and acquire other information that will help you promote to higher categories.    The site is predominantly Italian, but some technical information is also available in English in order to be helpful to more people.   

What will I find in the public area?

This section is a public, free access area that takes up the subjects and data published in the previous site "GPRO STRATEGY ITA."    It is accessible from the Menu item "Gpro Strategy" with the following entries:  

  • Money: A section with tips and info on how to handle money.
  • Car: Calculate the cost of each car part as well as Power, Handling and Acceleration points.
  • Setup: You'll discover how to determine the optimal setup.
  • Fuel: Determine the fuel consumption of a GP and calculate the number of PIT STOPS you can make.
  • Tyre: Determine tyre wear according to track conditions and weather.
  • Wear: Determine the car parts wear.
  • Driver-Sponsor: Info on the driver characteristics and the types of training. Information on sponsors and on how to answer their questions.
  • Find Driver: Section where you can search for drivers based on values you enter.
  • Find TD: Section dedicated to the Technical Director search.
  • Tracks: List of tracks with their characteristics.  

What will I find in the private area?  

The private sections are reserved for members. Here you can enter data for each race, save them for future reference and receive more precise details and strategies based on the data you entered rather than the generic ones.  

It is accessible from the Menu Item "Gpro Personal" and the entries are:  

Past Setups ( old ): You will be able to view your past setups, entered with the old manual method.

Enter Data ( New ): New method of data entry, faster and automated

Past Setups ( New ): New section to retrieve past setups, with more details and info. 

Contact Us: You can send problem reports, advice, requests for information and more (redirects to website Forum).



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