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CarPHA determines the auto points and the cost of individual pieces per level.

We report below how many races you can do with each piece, this is to help you decide where best to invest more and have an idea of when to change the pieces. PS: Please note that the figures are only estimates and generic level, the duration is also influenced by the type of circuit and from the risks that are used in the race.

Duration auto parts

  • Chassis (Telaio) : 5 races
  • Engine (Motore): 3 races
  • Front wing (Alettone anteriore): 3 races
  • Rear wing (Alettone posteriore): 3 races
  • Underbody (Fondo piatto): 5 races
  • Sidepods (Fiancate) : 4 races
  • Cooling (Raffreddamento): 5 races
  • Gearbox (Cambio) : 3 races
  • Brakes (Freni): 3 races
  • Suspension (Sospensioni): 3 races
  • Electronics (Elettronica) : 6 races

Cost of car parts

Approximately one can say that the cost of each piece of salt 23.85% for each level. For example, the electronics that costs $ 938,416 to lvl 1, lvl 2 costs (938 416 +23.85%) = $ 1,162,228 (rounded) at lvl 3 will cost $ 1,439,420 and so on ... In this way, knowing the cost of all the pieces at lvl 1, you can easily determine how much will cost the pieces later and decide an investment strategy aimed at strengthening the car without spending too much, taking into account both the cost of each piece to a certain level, and how long will the pieces. Then you can decide whether to increase all of the pieces at the same level, or increase the level of most pieces that cost less and last longer (Example Electronics, Chassis, Cooling, ..) and other lower-level parts that cost a lot (engine type and change), so you will always have a good car, but spending less ..

Calculating Cost / Value Car ( Point Car P H A )

Each car has 11 pieces whose members contribute to increased P = Power (Power), H = Handling (driveability) and A = Acceleration (Acceleration). Below you can calculate the cost of replacement of the car and the car points (Car Point) which contribute to PH A. Ignore any points you have earned in the tests.

Estimator and a score of P H A

Car part (Pezzo)Level (Livello)
Chassis ( Telaio )
Engine ( Motore )
Front wing ( Alettone anteriore )
Rear wing ( Alettone posteriore )
Underbody ( Fondo piatto )
Sidepods ( Fiancate )
Cooling ( Raffreddamento )
Gearbox ( Cambio )
Brakes ( Freni )
Suspension ( Sospensioni )
Electronics ( Elettronica )

Cost ( costo )Power ( Potenza )Handling ( Guidabilità )Acceleration ( Accelerazione )
$ 0000

The points are rounded car and you can have a margin of error of about + / - 0.5


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