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Driver-Sponsor: Information, training and selection of the driver's car. Driver ( Pilota ) The choice of a good driver you can afford into win races even without having a car at a high level ...   Parameters to consider when choosing :   Overall: It 's the average score of each feature contributes pilot in the calculation of this value. Concentration: Affects the speed should be at least 200 . Talent: This affects a lot of performance in wet conditions and reduces errors with high risks ( this is the only feature of the pilot that can not vary) , it should not be less than 70 Aggressiveness: allows you to have a positive influence on overtaking in the race . Experience: Do not you exercise and increases by 1 point for each race made ​​a positive influence in qualifying , it should not be less than 90 . Technical insight: it helps to reduce fuel consumption and wear and tear of parts, increases by one point in the race. Resistance: This affects positively on the qualifications and maintain the speed in the race. Charisma: Do not crucial in the choice of a good pilot for beginners, useful for sponsors Motivation: It 's the reason that the pilot bringing it to 250 ( the max ), you can earn up to 21 points Overall .. Reputation: going up as they go through points and win races , helpful for sponsors Weight ( kg): the weight of the rider , the less the better because you can afford to load more fuel without losing performance in the car Age: the age of the driver , always keep under the age of 35 , beyond which the yield falls .   Here's how to train a pilot  Table Training Driver Type Training Concentrat. Aggres. Technical Stamina Charisma Motivat. Weight Fitness class 0 0 0 +2 0 -5 -1 Yoga +5 / 6 -2 0 -2 0 +5 / 10 0 PR Training -3 0 0 0 + 2 / 7 0 0 Technical training 0 0 +5 0 0 0 / -10 0 Sports psychologist 0 0 0 0 0 +15 / 20 0 Ninja class +1 +4 / 5 0 0 0 0 0                                   Driver Level Calculation    A small tool holder for assessing the overall value of your rider according to individual specifications.  The values ​​are rounded, so the final value may have an error of + / - 1 point  
Tabella Livello Pilota
Concent. Talento Aggres. Esperienza Tecnica Resistenza Carisma Motivaz. Peso
+08 / 48 +12 / 48 +07 / 48 +04 / 48 +06 / 48 +07 / 48 +04 / 48 +04 / 48 -04 / 48

Clicca "Calcola" per determinare il valore del pilota.

  Sponsor   Let's see how to choose the most suitable sponsor us and how to answer questions that we will :   Only negotiate with a sponsor to time, we will use all the resources on him. Look for a sponsor who has 0% of negotiations, in order not to lose it right away. Choose the location of the sponsor according to the following order of choice : Engine cover sidepods nose Rear wing- wing front Decide the sponsor according to the characteristics : Finance , the higher the more money we could give . Expectations , the expectations are that they will have on you, to be taken into consideration when they make the question of what are your goals. Patience, the second most important value , whether it's seventh accept any offer of money, if you are on the 6 /7 or 7/7 always ask for more money. Reputation is a kind of charisma to the sponsor , not very important. Image , the question " How popular is the driver with the fans ? " choose the answer based on the value of the image seventh hated by fans until 7/7 loved by fans . Negotiation is the speed of trading the higher the faster you will find an agreement. ?  

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